The palace of the kings of Dahomey, Benin

The Verbal Art Foundation was established to contribute to the preservation of verbal art. It also supports projects that give back the verbal art of the ancestors to the people of today.
Verbal art covers a wide range of stories that represent the knowledge, the beliefs, and the collective memory of a culture that has no tradition of written records. Storytellers usually perform these stories in order to pass on this traditional knowledge to the younger generations of a community. The stories are of enormous value for any cultural entity. Verbal art is classified as one of the Oral Traditions within the intangible heritage of a culture, as defined by the Unesco.

The foundation wants to achieve this by supporting all kinds of research projects as well as giving back projects.
Projects are open to researchers and scholars from Africa as well as from other regions.

T H E  V E R B A L  A R T  F O U N D A T I O N
A registered non-profit charity organisation.