About us

The Verbal Art Foundation was established in October 2009 in The Netherlands as a non-profit charity organisation under Dutch Law and according to EU regulations. Members of the board are:

  • Mrs Ton Berg, marketing manager in the food industry and since the nineties manager of relief projects in Africa and elsewhere.
  • Mr Erwin van Donk, was active as a consultant and as an entrepreneur and is at present Director of the Holland Office in Leipzig,  Germany.
  • Dr Marjolijn Aalders Grool, linguist. www.grool.nl.Dr Marjolijn Aalders Grool She recorded verbal art in the south of Benin in 1976. For many years, she was active as a communication consultant and interim manager.  Since 2005, she is an independent researcher in African verbal art. She published recently two volumes about the verbal art from Benin:  http://www.koeppe.de/autor_details.php?id=2000

The projects are carried out by a small office organisation of professionals and volunteers. The Program manager is Henri Aalders.

The members of the Board receive no financial compensation. Professionals and volunteers may receive a volunteer allowance in line with Dutch tax rules.
The Foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht (The Netherlands), number 30271462. The full name is “Stichting Verbal Art Foundation” and is abbreviated to ‘The Verbal Art Foundation’.
It is a registered charity in the Netherlands (ANBI).

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