Vision & Mission

Voodo temple near Bohicon Benin (1976)

In view of its significance, verbal art must be preserved as part of the intangible heritage of a culture. But the cultural heritage of the past should be given back to the people living today. The stories can contribute to a better understanding and a development of today’s social and cultural fabric.

The Verbal Art Foundation Foundation wants to achieve this by:

  • Recording, analyzing and publishing of verbal art performances.
  • Researching existing and new recordings of verbal art texts
  • Using reliable methods and new techniques to record text and store verbal art
  • Supporting projects that gives the verbal art of the ancestors back to the people of today.

The Foundation is actively looking for projects that can be supported by fundraising and by organising adequate support. At present the Verbal Art Foundation focuses on:

  • Publishing of verbal art performances that have been recorded in the past but have not yet been translated and published.
  • Giving back projects (reversal projects) that aim to return the recorded verbal art to the society they originally come from in one way or another. This can be in print or as audio files to be broadcast by radio.
  • Training projects and contributions to summer school workshops.

T H E  V E R B A L  A R T  F O U N D A T I O N
A registered charity organisation in the Netherlands (ANBI)